Awards of the Academy in different categories

UNYKA gives special awards that honor the contribution of established scientists, stimulate and encourage young scientists, PhD students and students. The “Apple of Knowledge” award for special contribution to raising the prestige of science in five categories: "Distinguished scientist”, “Distinguished young scientist”, “Distinguished PhD student”, “Distinguished student” and “Special award of the Academy” has been awarded since 2014 until today. Every year dozens of prominent representatives of science, of scientific and academic institutions, business, journalists, creators of intellectual work gather at the ceremony in the Ceremonial Hall.
Among the winners of the “Apple of Knowledge” in the category “Established Scientist” are the names of: Prof. Dr. Kostadin Kostadinov & Prof. Dr. Borislav Borisov (2014) for special contribution to the transfer of technology and innovation in the university information environment, Prof. DESc. Tsvetan Semerdzhiev (2015) for the development of the PhD School at ULSIT, Prof. Dr. Irena Peteva (2016) for the development of the Concept of e-government in ULSIT and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ludmil Vagalinski (2017) for underwater research in the Black Sea, Prof. Dr. Ivanka Yankova (2018) for the development of library science in Bulgaria, Prof. Dr. Tania Todorova (2019) for the development of copyright literacy, Prof. DESc. Stoyan Denchev (2020) for overall contribution to the development of USLIT.
In the category “Distinguished young scientist”, bearing the award of the Academy “Apple of Knowledge” are: Ch. Assist. Prof. Dobri Boyadzhiev, PhD (2014) for the development of the first in Bulgaria Microtic Academy on the territory of ULSIT, Ch. Assist. Prof. Kalina Mincheva, PhD (2015), Ch. Assist. Prof. Miriyana Pavlova, PhD (2016), Ch. Assist. Prof. Marina Encheva, PhD (2017), Ch. Assist. Prof. Katya Rasheva, PhD (2018), Ch. Assist. Prof. Iskra Tsevtanska – Tsekova, PhD (2019), Ch. Assist. Prof. Sabina Eftimova, PhD (2020).
With the award “Apple of Knowledge” in the category “Distinguished PhD student” were awarded: Assist. Sonya Spasova (2014) for the best summer practice in the field of cultural and historical heritage in the village of Suhache, Assist. Oleg Konstantinov, PhD (2015) for his award at the Moscow University, Assist. Kalin Dimitrov, PhD (2016), Assist. Desislava Stoeva, PhD (2017) for the development of cooperation between ULSIT and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), Assist. Gergana Yancheva (2018), PhD student Svetoslava Dimitrova (2019), PhD student Ginka Hristova and PhD student Hristina Vasileva (2020).
In the category “Distinguished student” are awarded students with special contribution to both scientific and practical activities of the Academy.
The award ceremony honors the contribution of established scientists in various professional fields, stimulates the development and growth of distinguished young scientists, PhD students and students.