The work of the Academy is characterized by a rich variety of organized initiatives, and the management and members of this innovative educational and methodological unit are motivated to follow their development in the outlined direction, aiming at a positive institutional image of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, as a partner in the field of public communications and information sciences, both nationally and internationally, as evidenced by the many initiatives that we will present to you in the following lines of this presentation.

The Academy has four annual initiatives, which have been running since its founding in 2013 until today, as follows:

  • Scientific conference of UNYKA on the topic: “Contemporary strategies and innovations in the knowledge management”;
  • National seminar dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day (April 26).
  • International South-East Summer University;
  • Academy Awards Ceremony in various categories;

In addition to the annual events in the calendar of the Academy, many other initiatives are organized, which are currently planned for each academic year.