The leading person of the Academy and its initiator is the Rector of ULSIT, who is also its Chairman. The operational management is carried out by the Deputy Chair of the Academy and the Chief Executive Secretary. The Deputy Chair organizes and controls the implementation of the current tasks and participates in resolving issues related to ensuring the activities of UNYKA. The Chief Executive Secretary coordinates the interaction between the leaders and the composition of the expert groups, the reporting of the activity to the management, the relations with partners and institutions in the development of projects and monitors the implementation of the activities of the expert groups.

Depending on the subject areas, different scientific expert groups are established at the Academy, which are headed by scientific secretaries. They must have a scientific and educational degree of PhD. The expert groups consist of 8-10 people – young scientists, PhD students and students. In the structure of UNYKA there are eight expert groups with educational character, which have the task to prepare specialists in the main areas in which ULSIT has institutional accreditation:

  • Books and society
  • Intellectual property
  • Library science
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Cyber Defense and cryptography
  • National security
  • Knowledge management
  • Cultural and historical heritage

The management of the expert groups is on a rotating principle, and the goal is more of the non-habilitated lecturers, specialists in the respective fields to go through the working environment of team management, consisting of attracted students within the Academy.

The Academy also has a Scientific Advisory Board, which is an advisory body of the Academy and consists of: Chairman, Deputy Chair and Chief Executive Secretary of UNYKA, Deputy Rector of Research and International Affairs of ULSIT, Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs of ULSIT, Deputy Rector of the quality of training and accreditation of ULSIT, the deans of the two faculties of ULSIT and the scientific secretaries of the expert groups at UNYKA.