Head of "Cultural-historical heritage" Expert Group

Sonya Spasova is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture, Historical Heritage and Tourism, Head of the Cultural and Historical Heritage Department of the University Youth Academy of Knowledge Management (UMLAUZ). She teaches in the fields of Museum Pedagogy, Educational Concepts for the Socialization of Cultural Heritage, Educational Programs of Cultural Institutions, Sociocommunicative Museology, and more. In the course of her work at ULSIT, as well as a PhD student in the Organization and Management Program Outside the Field of Material Production (cultural and historical heritage), she takes part in various interdisciplinary national research projects. She has successfully completed several qualification training programs, including a doctoral course in Global Change and Risks to Cultural Heritage at the Center de Recherche and the Musées de France (Palais du Louvre), Paris, France.

The results of her research are regularly presented at national and international scientific forums and conferences. The publications reflect her scientific interests, mainly related to the educational function of the cultural heritage, its socialization in the education system, as well as finding opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the educational process through the active participation of cultural and historical values ​​- an information resource for modern and attractive education in a wide range of subjects. In 2018 she successfully defended his thesis on "Management of the processes related to the socialization of cultural and historical heritage and the development of school education in Bulgaria".