Pepa Petrova is a lecturer at the Department of Information Systems and Technologies at the Faculty of Information Sciences, Head of Information Technology Expert Group - University Youth Knowledge Academy (UNYKA). Doctor on 4.6 "Informatics and Computer Sciences". A member of the SAP University Alliance as a representative of University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT). Give lectures on “Enterprise resource planning systems” (ERP systems), Business Intelligence (BI), Information systems, Artificial Intelligence and expert systems, E-booktrading, Intelligent platforms in the media. She has Specialization on S/4 HANA Configuration in Munich, September 2018, Specialization on SAP HANA in Munich, April 2017, and Specialization on SAP ERP, based on Global Bike in Bucharest, November 2016. She is certified by the University of Duisburg Essen Germany on “Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP (TERP 10 on S/4 HANA)”- practical part, 21 March 2018.

She is the author of 17 publications presented at Bulgarian and foreign scientific forums. She co-authored the book "20 Years of Information Technology Specialty", leading the event dedicated to this anniversary. She is a representative of ULSIT as co-organizer of the forum "Threats and risks for the security of the Republic of Bulgaria in the digital world. Cyber Security and Cyber Resistance ", held on 5 July 2016. Participates in university and national projects. Project Manager "Influence of New Approaches to Data Storage on Analysis Tools and Decision Making Process" from 2018.

Visits and international cooperation with:

  • Hasso Plattner Institut, Potstdam, Germany
  • Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany
  • University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • University of Economics, Bucharest, Romania
  • University of Granada, Ceuta, Spain