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MASTER CLASS 21 July 2018 by Natalie Stoianoff

MASTER CLASS 21 July 2018 by Natalie Stoianoff


Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to Protect Indigenous Knowledge”

Exceptions and Limitation in Copyright for Libraries Down Under”

Bulgarian Copyright and Related Rights Law:: A Short Overview for Libraries”


Интервю с проф. Стояноф във вестник „Аз Буки“ бр. 29, 19 - 25 юли 2018 г.,  със заглавие „Ученето един от друг обединява хората“. URL:


Natalie Stoianoff is a Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney and the Director of the Master of Intellectual Property Program. She is the Chair of the Faculty Research Network for Intellectual Property, Media and Communications and the Convenor of the China Law Research Group. Natalie’s interdisciplinary research is concerned with the legal, ethical and commercial aspects of biotechnology. In particular, her research interests range from the Patenting of Living Organisms, Technology Transfer and Environmental Taxation. She is a co-author of the Federation Press publication, Intellectual Property Law: Text and Essential Cases. She has been the author of numerous Patent Law Bulletins and has edited the multidisciplinary book, Accessing Biological Resources, Complying with the Convention on Biological Diversity, published in 2004 by Kluwer’s International Environmental Law & Policy Series.



Indigenous Knowledge Forum – Comparative Systems for Recognising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Culture is a collaboration of key experts from around the globe representing nations with existing legal frameworks and nations in the midst of developing such regimes for the protection of Indigenous knowledge and culture. The publication presents recent important international research in the field of Indigenous Knowledge and legal frameworks for its protection developed from the discourse at the second Indigenous Knowledge Forum held at the University of Technology Sydney in 2014. The forum facilitated dialogue, discussion and an information exchange, bringing together government officials, decision makers, scholars, and especially Indigenous and local peoples’ representatives. The forum highlighted concerns in Benefit Sharing and Prior Informed Consent by Indigenous peoples who hold traditional knowledge.



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