Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Mitev PhD is a lecturer at the Department of National Security, member of the University Youth Knowledge Academy from 2014 to 2017 and Scientific Secretary of the National Security Expert Group at the same Academy at SULSIT .

Nikolay Mitev is PhD in professional field 3.5. "Public Communications and Information Sciences", Assoc. Prof. at the science specialty "Organization and management outside the domain of material production". Reads lectures on "Information Security Concepts and Policies", "Information Security Standards and Frameworks", "Cyber Security" and "Security and Protection of Information". He is the author of the monograph "Methods for Evaluation of Intellectual Assets of Organizations" (2013), participated as a co-author in the compilation and publishing of a number of textbooks and teaching materials with topics in the field of processing and protection of information, such as "Information Systems Management Standards and Frameworks" (2014), "Information Security" (2015), "Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks" (2016), "Cloud Services Security" (2017). He participates in scientific projects, has publications and articles in the field of effective use of information systems, management and protection of information.